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The Sabbath Day

Keeping the Sabbath day holy is not only a commandment but also a blessing to me and my family!  As a young child, I liked going to Church meetings with my parents on Sundays because I could meet with many of my friends there

Keeping Commandments

Asia Area Presidency Featured Mormon Message Video of the Week

Delhi District Annual YSA Conference 2014

By the end of the day, friendships were formed and testimonies were strengthened. Every YSA was wondering before going to bed as to how it was possible to achieve and learn so much in a day and not feel tired....

Missionary work by a Primary Child

My dad taught the lesson on missionary work. He gave us a challenge to invite at least one person every month. This was tough!! I asked him how to invite?? 

Newborn Kits Keep Babies Warm in New Delhi

The evenings can be cold in New Delhi during the winter and newborn babies need to stay warm. The members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in New Delhi joined together to help

Dreams Become a Reality as Wheelchairs are Delivered

A life-changing event occurred on January 8, 2015 as the Church, along with The Association of People with Disabilities, began distribution of 560 wheelchairs to excited and grateful recipients at the APD campus in Bangalore, India.


Puppeteer thrills hundreds of children and teachers in New Delhi schools.

The Testimony of Raju Massey

As we prayed about these things we came to know these things to be true. This was my undeniable first witness of Gods “Plan of Happiness” and brought great joy to our lives.

Endowed and Temple Going Members Activity

Salubrious conditions around the White Field chapel area was inviting.  The members trooped into the chapel in solemnity of the occasion. Endowed Couples activity Bangalore District

It's Never by Accident

To her, we were the answer to her prayers. That's something that really hit me this week. When we find a long lost member, it's never by accident, but we find them when they are most ready to come back and when they most need the Lord.

Coimbatore Open House

Coimbatore district organized an Open House for its citizens to understand the Church better.

67 Weeks of Mission

My first place on my mission was Chennai, the place where I have never been before. With fear and questions like, what I am going to do? How I can commit myself fully towards my mission?