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Obedience has been an essential part of my personal spiritual growth since the early days of my conversion in 1971. Because of this important principle, my faith and testimony in Jesus Christ has grown gradually.

Continue in Patience

Asia Area Presidency Featured Mormon Message Video of the Week

See Hear and understand

The opening words of this last dispensation of time to Joseph Smith is “This is My Beloved Son. Hear Him!”6. The counsel to hearken closely to the commandments and the word of god will lead to eternal life and exaltation

Commitment to Missionary Work

Testimony of a non-Christian and his Commitment to Missionary Work.

Commitment, Patience and Love leads to Marriage

We prayed and did our scripture studies over phone every day this strengthened both of our testimonies and prepared us for the future

Chennai District FH Fair

Report on Chennai District Family History Fair hosted at Chennai Little Mount Meetinghouse.

Hyderabad Stake Pioneer Day Activity

Hyderabad Stake Pioneer Day Activity report. Read to see how the saints enjoyed and expressed their feelings of appreciation and gratitude for the early pioneers.

Hyderabad Stake YSA Activity July 2014

Hyderabad Stake YSA Activity report. Read to see how the YSA enjoyed the activity.

A Tribute to the Pioneers of Yesterday and Today

A Day of Thankful Remembrance. A Day of Mixed Emotions. Here is an article written to recapture the moments of celebration that captivated the moods of the members of the three Branches of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in the city of Coimbatore.

I Believe In Christ

I learnt about Jesus Christ and His eternal sacrifice. My little mind was not able to comprehend everything that she taught me but the seed of faith was planted in my innocent heart when I myself was unaware of it.

Blessings of Apostles visit

“The Spirit of the Lord is moving over this vast area,” he said. “It would be undeniable, it would be impossible not to grasp, not to feel that there is a great work unfolding here.”