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Serving Others With Love

In Sept 1972 when I was 17 years old, I was enlisted to the Royal Malaysian Air Force. At that time, I did not fully comprehend its impact on my life as I had to sign a 13 year contract with them.

What Matters Most

Asia Area Presidency Featured Mormon Message Video of the Week


Cry repentance with Missionary work. A beautiful insight from our Beloved Mission President Sackely, New Delhi Mission. See how we could be benefited from the new India website.

Unto All The World: The Gospel In Asia

“A majestic stone rolling forward among the most populous geography in the world.” That’s how Elder Jeffrey R. Holland of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles describes the growth of the Church in Asia in this video about his visit to Hong Kong and Macau, China; Taipei Taiwan; and Bangalore, India.

New Delhi District Conference April 2014

New Delhi District Conference and Special Missionary Reunion with Elder and Sister Funk. Check the flyer for more information.

Muslim Boys Orphanage

Muslim Boys Orphanage, you would never find the place unless someone gave detailed directions.  But to fifty young Muslim orphans, it is the most important place on earth and the very center of their universe.

I Know He Lives

At the age of seventeen, I happened to meet two young men who, although close to the same age as me, seemed so very different. They radiated something special; they were diligent, cheerful and filled with love and light.

Time to share the Truth

It began as a very busy day with not enough time to fit everything in that needed to be done. As my Mom and I hurriedly got ready to go shopping there suddenly came a knock at our door.

A gift from the Heart

Missionaries of the India, New Delhi Mission and New Delhi 3rd Branch members braved cold early morning temperatures to distribute one thousand hygiene kits and warm blankets to residents of several local slum areas.

The Law of Tithing

Some people join the Church and participate for a period of time but reach a point where they do not continue down the gospel path. There are a variety of reasons why this happens.

Asia Area Web Administrators Training 2013

The new Country Communication page will host the content that would provide members to have access many resources.


Church members from not only Hyderabad but also many parts of India had gathered for the creation of the Hyderabad India Stake, the first stake in India, on May 27, 2012